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<Notes> Recent North Africa Middle East [Northern Syria to destabilize] In northern Syria, the invasion of the Turkish army, which was caused by the US military withdrawal, in response to the situation that the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the border, the Turkish army, Kurdish forces, the Syrian government, and even in the form of such as IS remnants intertwined, not stable situation has followed. **** bomb who died Kurdish withdrawal region in northern Syria, Teroka **** Syria northern Teruabiyado of market day, there is an explosion seen to be due to the bomb-laden in the car, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (UK), in addition to the citizen, at least people were killed, including the soldiers of the Turkish side forces, human It was injured. But not out, such as the crime statement, Turkey's Anatolia communications, reported that there is a possibility of terrorist attacks by minority ethnic Kurdish militia [People's Defense Forces (YPG)]. Teruabiyado is in contact with the Turkish border, after the Turkish army was the ground invasion in October, areas where Kurdish forces were forced to withdraw.